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Why We Love Etc. Coffeehouse!

Hello! My name is Susan and I’m one of the Engagement Communication Interns here at

Wesley Foundation Student Center. This semester, I have the opportunity to work for such an amazing organization. Something that sparked my interest was definitely the Etc. Coffeehouse! I’m going to be honest in that I did not know about it before this spring semester. I would always pass by it, whether walking to class or driving by in the car. But after learning about its history and goals, I have fallen in love with this coffeehouse! It’s truly amazing that students on this campus have a place that can feel as home-y as this. Offering free snacks, coffee, Wi-Fi, and a place to do their schoolwork brings students together.

I got the chance to talk to Abby, who is a part of Alpha Phi Omega, a service fraternity that provides volunteers for the Etc. Coffeehouse. She is inactive this semester with no official service obligations and yet she still finds herself coming back again and again to study here. She considers this coffee house a “treasure on campus.” I and many others would agree with this description. It truly is a treasure on campus, in that those here care for the student body and only want the best for them. With it being a less well-known study spot, compared to Grainger Library or Campus Instructional Facility (CIF), students are able to enjoy this smaller space by themselves or with a group of friends. As Abby has put it, the facility and time spent here is a “treasure” to those who have experienced it.

With all these students, whether it’s their first time at the coffeehouse, their 100th time or anything in between, Etc. Coffeehouse shows that they truly are a timeless establishment. With over 60 years running and more to come, this coffeehouse will always be a staple to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign student body. The interviewees and I hope that more people will find out about the Etc. Coffeehouse. We encourage everyone to spread the word and to bring their friends here! We would love for everyone to enjoy and eventually fall in love with Etc. Coffeehouse!

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