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Wesley Recognizes Avicenna Community Health Center with the Jean Cramer-Heuerman Peace with Justice Award

Updated: Apr 16

We are excited to announce this year’s recipient of the Jean Cramer-Heuerman Peace with Justice Award: Avicenna Community Health Center.  The award was presented during our annual “Peace with Justice” service at 9:30 on April 14, 2024. 


During the service, student leaders of Avicenna shared testimonials about the spiritual principles that inspire them to perform this important work. Immediately following the service, we had a reception and Question and Answer session with Avicenna to learn more about their work.

Avicenna is a local non-profit that provides free healthcare to the uninsured and underinsured of Champaign-Urbana. Avicenna was initially launched at the Central Illinois Mosque. Since then, it has grown into an interfaith community clinic that serves clients throughout Champaign County. Avicenna brings together a strong team of volunteers including doctors, nurses, medical students, nutritionists, social workers, IT specialists, and undergraduates studying a wide variety of disciplines.


The organization provides free primary care clinics on Sunday afternoons. Avicenna also provides regular eye care clinics, where patients can receive a wide variety of services and checkups such as vision checks, glasses prescriptions, and screenings.  In recent months they have expanded their services, by starting the Women’s Health Clinic, which provides free obstetrics and gynecological care to patients who lack access to adequate care.  The Women’s Health Clinic is the first completely free clinic of its kind in Urbana-Champaign. 


Avicenna is committed to preventive healthcare. A Lifestyle Medicine team enhances medical visits with individual counseling related to nutrition, exercise, mental health, and sleep. The Avicenna Outreach team organizes clinics and community health screenings at various locations, including the Wesley Evening food Pantry.

While researching Avicenna, the Social Action and Missions Team spoke with several community and church members who spoke highly of the physicians and board members who volunteer for Avicenna.  We have also spoken with service providers who continue to send clients in need to Avicenna. It is clear to us that Avicenna is a positive force for good in our community, and we will be honored to present their organization with this award.


The Jean Cramer-Heuerman Peace with Justice Award was established in 1999 to honor the legacy of Pastor Jean Cramer-Heuerman. Pastor Jean was a former senior pastor at Wesley who was known as a passionate advocate for peace and justice. The award recognizes those in our community who incorporate social justice in their practice of faith. Previous recipients of this annual award have included the Interfaith Alliance of Champaign County, the Education Justice Project, the University YMCA, and First Followers. 

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