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Soul Purpose Begins February 4th!

Soul Purpose, a new initiative funded by a grant from the Forum for Theological Exploration, begins meeting Sunday, February 4th, and you're invited to take part! Participating students will gather each week to share their experience of engaging in spiritual practices and to hear from alumni and friends of Wesley who share about their careers, how they came to their particular work, and how faith has played a part in their vocation. If you would be willing to speak casually about your work and how your faith has impacted/interacted with it, please contact our campus minister, Rev. Julie Dowler (, about your interest. Through this program, we hope to assist students as they explore and discern their own vocations - their soul purpose - as they discover how they want to share God's love and grace and make a meaningful difference in the world. The program will meet on Sunday evenings through the middle of April.

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