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One Winter Night

Updated: Feb 2

Wesley Social Action Mission’s Committee is excited to invite you to join One Winter Night, an annual fundraiser of C-U at Home, a faith-based homeless service in Champaign! This event will be on Friday, February 2nd, and here are 2 ways we can participate:


  1. They can sign up to be part of the Wesley team or sponsor a team member. On Friday 2/2, people would stay outside in the evening or even overnight at downtown Champaign, to understand lives of the homeless and raise awareness and funds for them. Check-in begins at 5pm at The Venue CU (51 East Main Street). I would be there around 5pm. Here’s the link one can either join Wesley team or sponsor it:   

  2. There’s also an indoor special program on Friday 2/2 from 7pm to 9pm. Everyone can attend this Education and Advocacy program at The Venue C-U in downtown Champaign. It includes worship, a panel discussion about C-U at Home’s Pathway to Progress program that helps the homeless away from that life, and testimonies of program graduates. I may attend this program and go back home after it.

Please consider signing up for the Outdoor Challenge with Wesley team (or sponsor a Wesley participant) by this link: or emailing Kara Whiteley: You may contact Kara if you’d like to attend the Education and Advocacy program, or if you have any questions. Our participation will make a meaningful impact on the lives of those facing homelessness in our community!

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